Saturday, June 27, 2009

RetroChallenge Reference Library

In order to prepare for the challenge I've spent a bit of my beer money on some books. It's remarkable the used books that can be had for classic computers, costing next to nothing (several for $0.01 + S&H).

I cleared out a bit of space for my RetroChallenge reference library, and as the books come in they'll take their place of honor.

Several of these books I already had, but the newcomers are (going left to right on the bookshelf):

I'm still waiting on a couple of Macintosh assembly language books to arrive. If they don't show up, well then I'm bailed out of having to stumble down that path.

1 comment:

Conceited Jerk said...

Good God, man!

You spent your beer money?!

I shouldn't talk, I've been guilty of that myself. Good luck to you!