Wednesday, July 9, 2008

68k Greets App

The Overview

Well, it took several days longer that I expected, but I've finished my RetroChallenge "Greets" app. I've tested it on System 6 & 9. All the app does is display a list of participants and let you see the equipment they reported they would use in the challenge.


The Hiccup

The worst thing is when one's code builds and runs fine within the development environment, but when you compile the application and run it on it's own: shit hits the fan.

I know what kinds of things cause this behavior, but that doesn't mean it's easy to track down. In this case it was an un-initialized Cell type passed to LGetSelect(). I just don't understand why it worked in the first place within Think Pascal.


This was an interesting find (found at Merlin's Cavern)... It's an application that takes a tab delimited file and creates a STR# of each row of data for each row in the text file. I thought this would be very useful, but it was only moderately useful as it truncates the data even shorter than the limits of an STR# string.

On the upside, it comes with Think Pascal and CodeWarrior sources so one can modify it for their needs. Anyway, I can see it being very useful, and I post it here with a thumbs up...

texttostr.hqx [2]


What I have now is the basic structure of a simply useful user-interface. This model, a list and window, can fit many needs for simple applications. While by no means revolutionary, it does scream very "Macintosh".

With a grasp of LDEFs, I think I'll revisit my MPD client and add playlist functionality.

Let me know if you run it. Especially if you have any problems or catch a bug. Thanks.

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arfinkatsjv said...

Sweet! I really think the "greets demo" is going to become a truly necessary part of the Retro Challenge every year now! Congrats on the cool code!