Monday, July 21, 2008

Robotfindskitten Detour

It's not done, but I'm very excited about the progress I've made on my newest classic mac development project.

I first found robotfindskitten on my ipod Rockbox install. The game is almost too good to be true. Since then I've discovered that rfk has been ported to many systems, but not the classic Mac. Look at all those retro-systems represented and no 68k Mac.

Obviously all other projects go on hold.

What's interesting about this project to me is, the Macintosh doesn't lend itself to character-based programming as easily as DOS, C64, AppleII (etc) systems do, so I'm having to do a fair amount of extra work to get an ascii game working nicely.

What I've got done... so far I have a good engine (fingers crossed) for dynamically creating a grid based on screen resolution and character widths. A full screen window; leaving the menu bar.


  1. Random placement of non-kitten items.
  2. Robot movement and collision detection.
  3. Import messages.
  4. Win screen.
  5. Introduction screen.
  6. Macintosh niceties: icon, 'about', anything else?
  7. Whatever else I'm forgetting.

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