Monday, July 28, 2008

Going to Wisco

I'm heading to Wisconsin for the rest of the month. Not sure what I'm going to take with me or what I'll be able to get done if anything while I'm there. Over the last few days I've been heading in two directions...

One is newton programming. I've got the eMate out. UNNA has a great collection of Newton development tools, documentation and source code that is compiled onto a single HFS image. The NIE (Internet Enabler) pdf from Apple looks promising -- I'd like to write an mpd client for the newton -- but I think I might have to take it to a printer to get a hard-copy. It's too hard for me to digest large PDFs on a computer. Speaking of the Newton docs, I needed to find a pdf reader for OS9 and found Pure Mac, which has lots of versions of lots of things well organized.

The other thing I've been doing is playing many of the ascii games available on SDF, and in general exploring parts of the system I've ignored or overlooked in the past.

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