Sunday, July 20, 2008

MacTCP Programming

I spent several days fighting with MacTCP. I'm working on a full screen app that uses google weather to display current conditions and future conditions. Ultimately I'd like to create an internet "reader" that uses different XML APIs to gather and display info on the compact mac. I don't know how into it I am, but the Google weather will happen. Anyway, I spent many hours banging my head against the wall as I was fighting a not-always-reproducible-bug that was caused by a buffer overflow, incorrect LAN setup and prickly HTTP headers.

That's all sorted out, but I was hopping to at this point to have some simple XML parsing taken care of.

Also, I can't seem to take a screen shot of the full screen app when it's running. I'd like to show what I have. It's not very macintosh application "looking", and I've decided that style is just as important as function, so I'm not sure anyone else is going to ever want to use it. I guess you could say I'm giving into all of my design impulses which doesn't help any one else.

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