Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Very Active, Nothing Accomplished

How to make this interesting to anybody? Here goes...

The Mac Plus mod is on hiatus. I didn't kill the Plus, but it now has a switch hanging out the back that when activated gives it a bad attitude. Fun.

Some of the things I've been poking around with: LDEFs, Think Pascal, TransSkel, Vice (commodore 64 emu), Basilisk II, MPW.

All of the Z80 chatter on the BBS prodded me to install a Sinclair Spectrum emulator. I went with spectemu, downloaded all of the Spectrum games from the 2007 MiniGame Compo which I found through the Retrobits Podcast. I was a bit confused on how to load the games, so for anyone looking: Press "J" to get LOAD, then type to double quotes, hit return, start tape...

{press play}
"Amazing" is a 1k game that I found particularly impressive.

I pieced together a nice LCIII out of two LCIIIs that I collected 5 or 6 months ago. The ethernet didn't seem to work, but that's because it has a jumper that was set to BNC instead of the 10BaseT jack. I'm not used to pre-auto-sensing hardware anymore, so that stumped me. Also the fact that one of the cards *was* bad, and then I got confused as to which one was which.

So now I'm still trudging forward, trying to get something produced I can show off. Several of the other RetroChallenge participants have really impressed me, and it's motivated me to find some focus soon. Of course, I don't really mind meandering through the land of retro-computing either.

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arfinkatsjv said...

Well, don't feel bad for participating and not making a quantum breakthrough. All I've done so far is make a Basic program and tinker with an MSS-VIA. If at first you don't succeed... try something else. Probably you need to work on some other retro project for a bit to regain some steam.